This is the largest workshop about isometric illustrations for
those who want to learn how to draw trending graphics
without reinventing the wheel
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free lesson
Three tasks
and checking
80 USD
Unlimited time
for the feedback
Source code
for all illustrations
The course consists
of three big video
lessons. We create
an illustration from
scratch and share
tips there
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Julia Osadchaya
Lesson 3
Tape recorder
Vladimir Mamontov
The final
Volume stylization
Section 1
In the first part of each lesson, we show how to construct all the elements of an illustration in an isometric view. Then we make through structures for details invisible to the eye. We also deal with the tools and some tricks.
#3D, #Rotate, #Guides, #Revolve, #Extrude, #StraightLines, #TiltedLines, #EllipsoidalShapes, #ComplexForms, #IsometricAlign
This course is recommended by
Drew a lot of cool pictures
on the order of the social network
Vkontakte, passes the Easymetry course
Drawn stickers for Telegram,
made a large order for Twitch.
Considers that EASYMETRY -
the best vector course
illustrations for beginners
After passing the video lessons and performing
tasks, the student will have to perform the thesis
task under the direction of MAD RABBIT
Learning process
Watching video lessons
You learn the tools, techniques, and progress of the work on each of the three illustrations.
You replicate all the steps trying to match the original perfectly.
You send us work and get feedback.
After three tasks are completed, you get a certificate of completion.
Source code for all
illustrations is included
Unlimited time to
receive feedback
This course is gonna work for:
who intend to learn how to create complicated isometric illustrations and see the whole process from the beginning till the end
who have strained relations with isometry, vector graphics, color or stylized design
who want to learn how to make their own graphics for their projects, without resorting to the services of illustrators
Why Isometry?
Will the course be useful for me if I don't know how to draw or use Ps and Ai?
The course covers the process of creating an illustration from scratch to the final. All technical features are broken down the way even your grandmother will get through the program. And you do not need to be able to draw by hand because vector graphics are a thing that kind of «sketched» in fact.
YouTube is full of lessons on any topic, why should I buy a course?
There are really a lot of lessons on YouTube indeed. But the benefit from them is like from the instruction manual to the remote control. You can check for yourself: the authors break down the tools on abstract and far from real-world examples. You are not gonna find the full process of creating a complicated illustration, including both technical and graphic details there.
What do I need for studying?
You need a computer with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop installed, a mouse, a keyboard, two hands, and at least one eye. A graphics tablet is optional but welcome.
Will i manage to make 999999$ a year after the course on the illustration?
I guess I’ll just answer this question with a sticker: And to be honest, it all depends on your desire and perseverance. You can make fast and easy money only by sports betting, but only if you own a bookmaker agency.
What do I get after the course?
— you will learn how to construct a form of any complexity in isometry and stylize its volume using a minimum of colors;

— you will fully master the basic functionality and many cool AI and Ps features. You will learn trendy graphics tricks as well;

you will leave the authors of this course out of work.
Video lessons
3 tasks and checking
The source code of illustrations
Access to private chat
Price (today):
80 USD
Price increase AUGUST
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mad rabbit
He likes rabbits and anonymity. MAD RABBIT is a creator of the world’s only interactive guide on graphic design and illustration IN FLAT. During the period of 2017-2019, he gave lessons to 532 people in design and illustration. He writes his own blog in VK, Telegram, and Medium.

Clients: Megafon,,, Pyaterochka, X5 Retail Group, Kaspersky.
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